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Appalachian Troubadour

Tony's pictureProfessionally acclaimed Tony Thomas is recognized as a leading musician, singer/songwriter, instructor and story teller. He has been singing songs and telling stories from the Appalachian Mountains for over 40 years. Tony accompanies himself on guitar, banjo, fiddle, and mandolin.

Tony writes songs that tell stories from his childhood as well as stories from the areas in which he lived and about tragedies of the past and present. One of Tony’s other passions are music, songs and stories from the Civil War era. He sings many civil war songs and plays many instrumentals. Tony performs in schools, churches, retirement communities, resorts, and many other places including coffee houses, folk festivals, theaters, State and National Park’s interpretive programs and workshops. Tony arranges his songs and stories to fit the program’s theme. Below are a few examples of Tony’s programs.

Introduction to Musical Instruments of Appalachia
and the Southern Highlands

Tony will entertain the audience while introducing acoustic  instruments (such as the fiddle, banjo, guitar and mandolin) by using stories and songs to give the audience an appreciation for the sound of each instrument. He also tells the audience a little about the history of the instrument. Tony’s stories are not only entertaining but also educational. This program is perfect for audience’s of all ages where they will learn some of the  history of different styles of music and musical instruments as well as history of the Appalachians in music and song. Check out Tony's Musical Adventures page for more programs.

Songs of the Civil War

Tony will entertain the audience with songs of the Civil War. Tony’s repertoire includes many Stephen Foster songs as well as many well known songs that were written during the Civil War period or are songs about the Civil War. Tony has also written songs that fit into the program. The program is a great educational performance for both young and old. Tony is very knowledgeable about the history of the Civil War and does a great performance telling his stories in song. This program is perfect for re-enactments, campfire programs, an educational program for audiences of all ages.

Coal Mining Days in Story and Song

As an ex-coal miner and the son of a coal miner, Tony performs many coal mining songs, has written songs about coal miners and knows many tales of coal mining events. This program is rich in history and entertainment and is a great tool for educating and entertaining audiences about the region’s coal mining history.

Tony in Concert

Tony entertains the audience by performing many ballads and songs from the past. The audience will enjoy hearing Tony singing songs made famous by great artists like Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Stephen Foster, Don Williams, Willie Nelson and others, as well as Tony’s own original songs. Tony’s concerts are always easily adapted to fit any occasion.  His repertoire is endless.

Workshops for Beginners

Tony hosts workshops for beginners on instruments such as mandolin, acoustic guitar, old time banjo and harmonica. These workshops are fun, educational and entertaining for all ages. The harmonica workshop is very popular since the harmonica is very compact and the whole family can join in the fun.